To work with Touché Design may be a different experience. I am "dead serious" about the importance of having fun in the creative process. I like to work close to my clients and to find out what is really special about you, your company, your project and your ideas. If you need an idea to be realized, we can help you develop it into the most fruitful solution for you.

The strength in working with Touché Design is that I am able to take on small assignments, such as illustration tasks, to mid-large projects such as corporate identity, design management solutions and product design development.
I believe design can be more fruitful when different design-fields meet and they "crossover", and enrich each other. I have experience in several design fields that can be useful combinations for many projects e.g. illustrations, graphic design, exhibitions and
interior design as well as product design. What enables Touché Design to work in all these design fields, besides my own skills, is my collaboration with a wide network of professional contacts. The need of collaboration depends on the character of the assignment.

Through good cooperation we can reach surprisingly good results. The design process is not an isolated development. Design develops through communication and it is in the very meeting point between different pieces of knowledge and experience where creative ideas appear. Creativity is all about how to apply knowledge and experience in new situations and contexts. Nothing is impossible; whatever challenge you may face, its solution might just need longer time to generate.

Copyright and ownership of illustrations

  • Ownership of the delivered picture is always that of the originator. The originator always has the right to use the picture for other purposes. All rights reserved for 70 years after the passing of the originator.
  • The purchaser buys the right to use the picture for one predefined context, but only with the confirmation of the originator. To use the picture a second time, the purchaser contacts the originator to get a reduced price for that specific context.
  • No altering of the picture may be done without the permission of the originator, this includes trimming, retouching or digital changes.
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Kontakta mig