Founded in 2005, and managed by Thérèse Lindström. Touché Design is located in Sweden and offers consultant design services in several design fields.

Our philosophy
Crossover design combined with personal touch, creativity and technical knowledge, will generate a durable, unique and innovative design.

Thérèse Lindström
I am both an industrial designer and architect. I have achieved these degrees through studies at two Stockholm universities. The latter through 4 years at the department of architecture, The Royal University of Technology, and the first one mentioned, my master degree, at Konstfack; the University of Arts and Crafts. I have had my own business since 1999, and I am now running Touché Design.

I have experience from working as an interior designer, at Rupert Gardner Design where I designed furniture and e.g. shop fittings, Systembolaget (the Swedish state-controlled liquor company), and as a manager in graphic design for the American company Our
World Live, Inc., where I established their new corporate identity and graphic strategy.
As a consultant, I have been producing exhibitions, product design, graphic design and illustrations. Click here to ask for the CV!

List of other assignments:
Board member of the Swedish Association of designers
Board member of Kreativa Företag

Contact information:
email: info@touchedesign.se
phone: +46(0)8-311 668
address: Gävlegatan 23, 5tr
113 30 Stockholm, Sweden

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